Yoga Retreat at La Casa Mirador? Yes, please!

Yoga Retreat at La Casa Mirador? Yes, please!

Calling all yogis: we have the perfect venue for you to host intimate gatherings for group fitness retreats. Yoga retreats and other wellness groups can take advantage of both our indoor and outdoor spaces at La Casa Mirador Guest House. Yes, that’s right, we can host events, meetings, and retreats right here in West Kelowna, B.C. 

Yoga Retreat Season is Here

It’s March and the weather is warming up. That means people are starting to think about weekend getaways, be it yoga retreats or other wellness comradery events. After all, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and many would-be gym rats are looking at avenues for ongoing fitness. Don’t forget that it might be wise to book now even if you are planning a summer yoga retreat. The venue fills up fast during high tourism seasons. 

La Casa Mirador Hosts Group Events and More

La Casa Mirador has enough space for you, your crew, your equipment, and any extra frills—like a theatre for presentations and a patio for casual socials. The property is much bigger than your average yoga studio so you can really get creative with your group activities. And did we mention that working out in a group has added benefits, like burning extra calories, boosting motivation, and being more fun? 

Be it yoga, Pilates, meditation, or any other low-impact wellness retreat—La Casa Mirador has room for you and your squad. The La Casa Mirador Guest House sleeps 26 and hosts many more. Therefore, you can plan a day-long yoga retreat or extend it across the whole weekend with overnight accommodations.  

Wondering where will you fit everyone? Never fear! Firstly, be sure to check out the ballroom, which can host large groups, as a potential site for your temporary studio. There is plenty of floor space to get in some good stretches. Secondly, weather permitting, your team can try the Viewpoint, an outdoor space that boasts a beautiful open grass area surrounded by greenery with a lake view.  

Ready to Book?

Check out our virtual tour for a glimpse of what the whole venue has to offer. 

If you want to book La Casa Mirador for a yoga retreat or other event, get in touch

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