Meal Ideas for a Group: BBQ Salmon and DIY Salad

Meal Ideas for a Group: BBQ Salmon and DIY Salad

It’s warm out, you’ve planned a little get-together, and fresh salmon is in season. What better way to celebrate all the above than serving up a little BBQ salmon for you and your crew? Here’s an easy way to put together a BBQ salmon lunch and a quick salad bar for your whole group.   

How to BBQ the Best Salmon   

All you need is your salmon fillets, olive oil, salt, and pepper to get started. Preheat your BBQ or grill according to the device specifications. Brush the salmon with olive oil and coat it lightly on both sides. Sprinkle salt and pepper onto each fillet to taste.   

When working with a grill, you’ll want to give it a good cleaning first. Scrub it with the grill brush that should come with it or buy one special for the occasion. Place the salmon flesh-side down at an angle over the grill. Keep the heat on high. Close the lid and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.  

When you check it, it should not stick to the grills at all. If it’s still sticking, then it needs to cook more. When it stops sticking, grab your tongs and flip the fillets over. Cook for another 3-4 minutes and then check it again. Finished BBQ salmon will start to flake. Use a spatula to lift it clean of the BBQ and place it on a plate to serve.  

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Dip Ideas for Grilled Salmon  

BBQ salmon is usually served with dip or glaze. Here are a few you can choose from:  

Feel free to match your BBQ salmon dip or glaze with the DIY salad theme (below).  

DIY Salad Table for a Side  

Salads go great with BBQ salmon. Prepare a simple DIY salad table by chopping up some vegetables, fruits, different cheeses, and a variety of bottled dressings. Offer guests a bowl and some tongs and let them create their own salads. You can try different themes, too, like salsa and chips for Mexican salad or apple slices and roasted pecans.  

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