Low Hassle, Easy Appetizer Ideas For Large GRoups

Low Hassle, Easy Appetizer Ideas For Large GRoups

The La Casa Mirador Guest House can seat up to 110 lunch or dinner guests, which can mean you might need some quick and easy appetizer ideas during your visit. Or if you’re staying home this season, try these out for a fun weekend treat.  

Deli Meat Pinwheels  

Sliced deli meat, sweet pickle relish, softened cream cheese, and flour tortillas are all you need for this easy appetizer. Spread the condiments on a large flour tortilla and top with sliced salami or ham. Then, roll the whole thing up and cut it into 1 or 2-inch pieces. That way, they are easy finger food! 

You can also mix up what you put inside of them. Try different variation of condiments, meat, veggies, and cheese.  

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Homemade Topping on Crackers  

This appetizer has many varieties that you can play with. First, you’ll want a robust cracker that can hold the weight of about a tablespoon of toppings. Try Ritz Crackers of Triscuits. Plain salted flavors are the best, so they don’t take away from the topping.  

Get creative with your “topping.” Try Asian sesame dressing and miracle whip mixed with chicken and veggies. Or sour cream and bacon bits topped with tomatoes. Once you’ve got the gist, you can really go crazy trying different combinations.  

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Peach and Prosciutto Mini Skewers 

Looking for something sweet? Look no more! Peace and prosciutto toothpick skewer snacks are unique, easy, and oh so delicious. Use store-bought balsamic reduction/glaze to keep things super low-hassle. Slice your ripe peaches into slices (skin ON!), wrap a strip of prosciutto around it, skewer it, and then grill it. Right before serving, weave some balsamic reduction on top. Voila!  

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Oven Roasted Parmesan Brussel Sprouts  

Grab yourself 1.5 lbs of brussels sprouts and get ready to make them a vegetable worth savoring! You’ll want to remove the first layer of each, which is usually dirty or damaged, and then cut each bulb in half and remove the hard ends. Toss them in oil, parmesan cheese, garlic or garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Place them—not piled or touching—on a baking sheet and cook them for 16-20 minutes at 425-degrees. They are ready when they become brown and crispy on the outside.  

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Easy Cream Puffs  

This is probably the most “labor-intensive” recipe on this list and even still it only requires about 45-minutes of prep time and another 40 of baking time. Add softened butter to boiling water. Then, add flour and salt and beat the mixture with a spoon. Cool the contents and add unbeaten eggs and beat until everything is creamy. Drop 1-tablespoon heaps on a baking tray and cook according to instructions. When ready and cooled, cut them in half and fill them with whipped cream or vanilla pudding before “sticking” them back together. Sprinkle with sugar—and you’re done! 

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