Group Meal Idea: CrockPot Pulled Pork with Sides

Group Meal Idea: CrockPot Pulled Pork with Sides

This group meal idea can feed a crowd, be it a wedding, holiday dinner, or private event.   

If you’re using the La Casa Guest House, you’ll know that the venue seats 120 dinner guests and sleeps 26 overnight guests. With all of those people milling about, wouldn’t it be nice to have something hearty and warm to serve them?   

We love crockpot recipes as a rule. They are so easy to make plus they require minimal effort to prepare. Crockpot pulled pork is not only delicious, but it is also very versatile. Pulled pork can be used in many different meals: sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chili, stew, and more.   

We’ve compiled some of the best pulled-pork tips and tricks from a variety of sources so that you can pick and choose what appeals to you.   

Crock Pot Options   

Don’t have a crockpot yet? Here are a few beginner crockpot options that are great for first-timers.   

You’ll want to consider how many people you are serving before settling on a final choice. A 2.5 qt is fine for 1 or 2 people but if you are serving a crowd you might want to consider something much larger.   

Pulled Pork Grocery List  

Pulled pork boats a super simple shopping list. All you need is:  

  • Pork roast (shoulder or butt)  
  • Onions   
  • Dark soda of your choice   
  • BBQ sauce   
  • Saly and pepper to taste   


  • Dark brown sugar  
  • Dash of Tabasco sauce  
  • Garlic salt  
  • Chili powder  
  • Choice of other seasonings  

Pulled Pork Cooking  

Now that you are prepared, it’s time to get cooking. The basis for pulled pork will be pork loin, BBQ sauce, onions, a pinch of salt and pepper, and soda. Yes, that’s right: soda! Real House Mom’s suggests using Dr. Pepper and The Novice Chef Blog offers Coca Cola as another option. Either works fine and other recipes will probably call for something else altogether.   

Everything goes in the crockpot right away except the BBQ sauce. That goes on after the pork is cooked and has been shredded. It takes approximately 8 hours on a low heat setting for the pork to get as tender as you want it. So, throw it together first thing in the morning so that it’s ready for dinner.   

Once it’s ready, you can serve it as a sandwich or any other way you prefer.   

Side Options  

Here are just a few sides you might consider with your crockpot pulled pork.  

  • Green salad  
  • Roasted potatoes  
  • Coleslaw   
  • Cornbread   
  • Macaroni Salad  
  • French fries   

Drink Options   

Pork and other meats go well with red wines as well as other cocktails.   

If you’re at La Casa Mirador in the Okanagan, you simply must try any one of our Favourite B.C. Wines of the Year. You can also try any of these Cold Weather Cocktails to Warm You Up.  Don’t have a booking yet? See what you’re missing here!

Did you try making our crockpot pulled pork? We’d love to see it! Post a photo on Instagram and tag us @La_Casa_Mirador or the #LaCasaMirador hashtag. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!   

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