Easy Group Breakfast Ideas: 5 Things to Try in the LCM Kitchen

Easy Group Breakfast Ideas

La Casa Mirador Guest House sleeps 28 guests across 10 Spanish-style rooms. That means you’ll have at least that many hungry mouths to feed the morning after your vacation, event, or getaway. We’ve compiled 5 easy group breakfast ideas so that you don’t have to worry about any fuss or muss.   

1. DIY Omelettes   

One or two people can take on the responsibility of scrambling the eggs. Then, chop up different toppings and set them out in bowls. You can use fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, canned corn, chives, cilantro, and other vegetables. You can shred cheese and offer a variety of sauces and dip. Have someone fry up and chop up some breakfast sausages to add to the mix too. Have a vegan in the family? Try a tofu scramble for them, instead!  

2. Smoothie Bowls   

Much like omelettes, breakfast bowls have a DIY element that ensures everyone is satisfied. Start with different flavors of yogurt. Then, set out a selection of mix-ins and toppings. You can use jam, peanut butter, almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sliced berries, frozen fruit, dried fruit, and anything else you can think of. For kids: leave out some sprinkles and whipped cream so that they can make a special treat!  

3. Easy Breakfast Casserole   

Casseroles are easy to pre-make so that you only need to warm them up on the day they are needed. Plus, they feed a lot of people, so they are perfect for a crowd. The base of the casserole will be eggs, cubes potatoes, and cheese. Then, you can customize it to whatever flavor you want. Try adding ham or breakfast sausages! Have some salt and pepper on hand for a finishing touch.   

4. Cereal and Fixings   

Basic…but effective! Cereal is easy to pack to and from the guest house so you can bring it from home if you want. All you need is some fresh milk and maybe some sliced fruit to put on top. A box of cereal can feed many, many hungry mouths so it’s a low hassle solution for morning meals. You can ensure everyone has something that they enjoy by picking up a few different brands and boxes.   

5. Pancakes or Waffles   

The nice thing about batter-based breakfasts is that you really only need a bowl and a griddle. This cuts down on using multiple pots, pans, cutting boards, and utensils. You can make them the night before and freeze them for the morning or cook them fresh as everyone wakes up. Cooking takes only a few minutes once you have the batter ready so you can cook plenty.   

Cook Breakfast in the Luxurious Guest House Kitchen   

La Casa Mirador offers a fully functional kitchen equipped with a 4-seat island, fridge, microwave, stove, oven, coffee maker, and sinks. You’ll also have access to expansive seating areas both indoors and out. If you try any of our group breakfast ideas during your stay, be sure to use #LaCasaMirador or tag @La_Casa_Mirador on IG so we can find you!

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